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Conserving, protecting and restoring North America’s cold water fisheries and their watersheds

Fly of the Month

June 2015

Olive Clown Shoe



After tying the original clown shoe and being pleased how the fly looked, I decided to expand the selection.  The first variation is the Olive Clown Shoe, it is tied the same as the original but with some materials being substituted.

Hook - Tiemco #2487 Scud hook #12 - #18

Thread - Olive 8/0

Body - Size small olive D rib

Wing - Yearling Elk Hair

Indicator - MacFly Foam - Chartreuse

Thorax - Olive Dubbing

Hackle - Olive Dyed Grizzly cut flat on the bottom



John Lazar


Fly tied by John Lazar


Olive Clown Shoe

Fly of the Month Archive

Fly of the Month Archive