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Pike - Wayne Chapter - 462


Conserving, protecting and restoring North America’s cold water fisheries and their watersheds

Fly of the Month

June  2011


Olive CDC Emerger


This is a simple yet effective BWO emerger pattern. A version of this pattern was first shown to me by fellow TU member Bob Dunstan; while we were fishing the Lackie in the fall of the year.


Many times during a sporadic hatch of olives the trout might be taking emergers instead of the duns. If you're getting refusals on a dun pattern give this emerger pattern a try.
It is a simple pattern to tie, it consists of only a body and wing. To tie this pattern start the body at the rear of the hook and dub up to the 1/3 point behind the eye of the hook.
Next, tie in 2 or 3 dark dun CDC feathers and finish with the dubbing behind and in front of the wing up to the hook eye.

Thread : Olive 8/0
Hook : 102Y Tiemco #15, 17, 19, 21
Body : BWO dubbing
Wing : Dark dun CDC feathers


John Lazar

Fly tied by John Lazar

Olive CDC Emerger