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Fly of the Month

August  2011




Despite its sparse appearance and the use of only a few materials, this Swisher/Richards, Mike Lawson popularized pattern is not an easy fly to tie.  The size and placement of the wings is crucial to having it float correctly when fished.  It is also , if not impossible , to describe the technique in writing.  I would suggest that you check out this video --http://www.5min.com/Video/How-to-make-a-No-Hackle-Dry-Fly---Fly-Fishing-72413361    or come to a fly tying meeting and have John Lazar show you.  On top of this the fly is quite fragile and is good few only a few fish before the wing becomes frayed.  However, its effectiveness on difficult or heavily fished trout and its ability to be tied in many sizes and colors make if a fly you might want to include in your box.


Hook  --  Light wire dry fly

Body  --  Synthetic dubbing

Wing  --  Matched duck quill segments

Tail  --  Spade hackle fibers or Fibbetts


Alan Bowers

Fly Tied by John Lazar


No Hackle

Fly of the Month Archive

Fly of the Month Archive