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Conserving, protecting and restoring North America’s cold water fisheries and their watersheds

Fly of the Month

March 2010


This fly is tied and fished by Fred Donatelli, PWTU Member and guide for River View Outfitters.   Fred says to use the fly around the march brown season (usually mid May here in PA and NY).  An effective way to fish it is to tie it as a dropper 8 - 12” behind a march brown dry fly.  He says the soft hackle makes the fly very effective and it may also be tied with a bead head.


Hook :  #12 or #14 nymph hook

Thread : Orange or orange brown

Tail: Pheasant tail (5-6 strands length of hook)

Rib:  Dark brown thread counter wrapped

Body : March Brown Dubbing (orange/yellow mix)

Wing cover:  Thin Skin or Turkey Tail

Hackle : 2-3 wraps of Partridge soft hackle



Fly tied by Fred Donatelli


For more information or to fish with Fred at River View Outfitters email kngfish368@aol.com or call 570-224-8017

March Brown Nymph