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Conserving, protecting and restoring North America’s cold water fisheries and their watersheds

Fly of the Month

December 2010



Lacky Wacky


The one fly I rely on when all else fails is the Lacky Wacky.  This fly, first tied by Fontinalis Fly Fishermen charter member and local legend Russ Malone, has pulled the bacon out of the fire for me on streams all across the country.  At first the fly had no official name, but after several unsatisfactory designations it was christened the Lacky Wacky by John Lazar in honor of its strange appearance and unexplainable effectiveness.  The body is tied with Depth Ray florescent wool.  I prefer to pick the material apart and dub it as opposed to winding it on right off the spool.  In the evening when fish are rising and you can’t figure out what they’re taking tie on this orange oddity and you might be pleasantly surprised.


Hook : Mustad 94840 #10

Tail: Very Light Ginger

Body: Florescent Orange

Wing : Wood Duck Upright and Split

Hackle : Very Light Ginger


Alan Bowers



Fly Tied by John Lazar



(Merry Christmas to all  - from the webmaster)

Lacky Wacky