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Pike - Wayne Chapter #462

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Fly of the Month

August 2009

        The Stimulator, developed by Randall Kaufmann, is an excellent fast water attractor. In appropriate colors it can also be an effective imitator of larger stone flies. Tied in yellow with dun hackle it works well to match a stonefly that appears on the Lackawaxen in late may through June. The naturals are rarely numerous but the fish take them readily. Although large in size they can be easily overlooked because they lay their eggs in the riffles and float into the calmer water motionless in the surface film. If you see splashy rises at the head of the pool tie on the Lacky Stimulator and give it a try.



Hook : Dry fly; 2XL,2XF; #10

Tail : Lt. dun elk hair - sparse, 1/3 body length

Rear hackle : Lt. dun - palmered over abdomen; slightly under sized

Abdomen : Golden yellow - rear 2/3 hook of shank

Wing : Lt. dun elk hair; downwing extended to end of the tail

Front hackle : Dark dun - palmered over thorax; normal sized

Thorax : Dark yellow; 2/3 golden yellow, 1/3 muskrat; mixed


The fly in the photograph, tied by John Lazar, uses a slightly different color scheme than the original. Both are effective.



Al Bowers


Lacky Stimulator