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Pike - Wayne Chapter #462

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Fly of the Month

October 2009



Rich Kriel ties this version of a CDC emerger shown to us while we were fishing a heavy PMD hatch on the Big Horn in 1992. It was successful then and has since proven to be effective as a general emerger pattern here in the East. Rich ties the CDC wing upright as a post. Remember, do not use paste type floatant on CDC patterns. If the wing becomes waterlogged change flies or treat the wing only with “Frog’s Fanny”. This fly is fished suspended in the film.


Hook : Tiemco 2487 or similar; # 14 - #18

Tail : Pheasant tail fibers

Rib : Fine gold wire

Abdomen : Dark claret dubbing

Wing : 3 lt. dun or white CDC feathers

Thorax : Olive hare’s ear


In the intervening years since he started fishing this fly Rich has added several different color schemes, the most popular being one he calls the Adams Kriel.


Al Bowers



Fly tied by John Lazar


Kriel Claret