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Pike - Wayne Chapter #462

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Fly of the Month

June 2009



This pattern by John Juracek and Craig Mathews of Blue Ribbon Flies in West Yellowstone MT is probably one of the easiest caddis emergers to tie.  Originally developed to fish the prolific Hydropsyche hatches on the Madison River below Quake Lake it is effective anywhere these widespread insects occur.  Note that the body is dubbed very roughly and the wing is tied in a loop which extends to the bend of the hook.  This loop is tied flat over the body so that when viewed from underneath it appears as a halo.  The trailing shuck is sparse and approximately the length of the body.  The overall appearance of the finished fly should be quite shaggy.  All the materials can be obtained from Blue Ribbon Flies (406-646-7642 or


                                       Hook : Dry fly   #12 - #20

                                       Shuck : Crinkled zelon - caddis amber or caddis gold

                                       Body : Zelon dubbing - light tan, rust, or pale green

                                       Wing : Zelon - Lt. gray or white

                                       Head : Hare’s ear or zelon dubbing




Note : In the almost 20 years since this fly first appeared in my Fly of the Month column in our original newsletter it has become my number one go to caddis imitation.  It works both East and West wherever caddis hatch.  Vary the size and color scheme to match the caddis hatches where you fish.




Al Bowers