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Pike - Wayne Chapter - 462


Conserving, protecting and restoring North America’s cold water fisheries and their watersheds

Fly of the Month

November 2010



Hemingway Caddis



Mike Lawson developed this fly in the early 70’s to match the dark colored caddis hatches on the Henry’s Fork. He named it after his friend Jack Hemingway who used almost exclusively when fishing that hatch. It is still used with great success today. It is often tied with wood duck flank fibers as an underwing. Clip the abdomen hackle on top before tying in the wing.



Hook : Dry fly; #12 - #20

Abdomen : Dark olive dubbing

Body Hackle : Dark dun; palmered, slightly undersized

Underwing : Wood duck flank fibers

Wing : Mallard wing slips

Thorax : Peacock herl

Hackle : Dark dun; palmered thru thorax


Alan Bowers



Fly Tied by John Lazar

Hemingway Caddis