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Pike - Wayne Chapter - 462


Conserving, protecting and restoring North America’s cold water fisheries and their watersheds

Fly of the Month

September 2010



Hairwing Dun


Developed by Rene Harrop for use on the Henrys Fork this pattern is easily tied and can be adapted to any hatch. Start by dubbing a small amount of material at the tail position. Use this to split the tails. Move forward and tie in the hackle 1/3 body length back from the head. Dub the body to just forward of the hackle tie in. Wind the hackle (keep it concentrated in one spot) 4 to 6 turns and tie off. Dub a thorax which is thicker than the body. Use only ½ the remaining space behind the eye. The thorax and hackle will help support the wing in the correct position. Tie in the wing like you would for an Elk Hair Caddis. Tie off at the head and trim a "V" in the bottom of the hackle.

Hook : Dry fly; #12 - #20
Tail : Hackle fiber or fibbetts
Body : Dubbing to match natural
Hackle : Color to match natural

Al Bowers


Fly tied by John Lazar

Hairwing Dun