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Pike - Wayne Chapter - 462


Conserving, protecting and restoring North America’s cold water fisheries and their watersheds

Fly of the Month

October 2010


Grey Fox Variant


Art Flick developed this pattern to imitate the Green Drake. He also used it as a general searching pattern for dark days. Although the original pattern as illustrated was tied with a light ginger hackle stem body, I’ve found that using dubbed synthetics increases both the durability and ease of tying the fly. In his Streamside Guide Art stated that on variant flies the body is of little importance and only used hackle stems because they do not absorb water. In the 45 years since the last edition of this classic book was published the advent of superior floatants and water impervious materials have eliminated the need for quill bodies. However as the picture shows the classic beauty of the quill body cannot be denied. The hackle should be of the highest quality and be one size larger than normally used for the hook.



Hook ; Dry fly; #10, #12

Tail : Ginger hackle fibers

Body : Ginger hackle stem or light tan dubbing

Hackle : Light ginger, dark ginger, grizzly - Mixed


Alan Bowers



Fly tied by John Lazar

Grey Fox Variant