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Fly of the Month

November 2015



Gray Drake Comparadun


If you plan to fish out West in July and August you should have plenty of Gray drake patterns in both the dun and spinner stages. One of the best patterns I have found to imitate the Gray Drake dun is the Gray Drake Comparadun.  The Western Gray Drakes are a large fly and should be tied on a size #10 hook.  This pattern tied in smaller sizes #12 and #14 can be used to imitate our Light

Hendricksons.  A few years back I was using this fly in a #12 size and during a Hendrickson hatch on the Broadhead I got an 18" brown.

Hook - Dry fly sizes #10 - #14

Thread - Gray 8/0

Wing -  Deer hair tied comparadun style

Body - Fly-rite dubbing #37 Gray Drake

Rib - Brown Thread


John Lazar




Fly tied by John Lazar


Grey Drake Comparadun

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