The guys at Blue Ribbon Flies ( ) came up with this pattern and then had their guides test it out on float trips on the Madison River. For several seasons this fly was kept under wraps until it became a proven fish catcher. You can now buy or tie your own Madison River Cripple. Fly fisherman and fly tiers have been excited about the fish catching abilities of using purple colored materials in their flies. The Madison River Cripple does this, maybe explaining it’s effectiveness.

Hook – Tiemco 2488 or Dai Riki 125
Thread – lt cahill 8/0
Shuck – Epeorus zelon
Body – Tying thread over shuck material
Thorax – Purple dyed peacock herl
Wing – White poly pro
Hackle -Grizzly dyed Bill Scheeis brown or tan grizzly clipped even with hook point

John Lazar

Fly tied by John Lazar