On many of our local streams there can be good hatches of the Yellow Sally stonefly. These flies, although significantly smaller than their familial cousins, can be an important food source for trout. Some anglers confuse them with caddis flies because they can look much alike in the air. When at rest the sally’s wing lies flat over their backs, not in the tent like shape of the caddis. All materials used here may be obtained from Blue Ribbon. http://www.blue-ribbon-flies.com – Outfitters for anglers with the latest in fly fishing equipment, information on insect emergences, fly patterns, and fly tying materials. Site has contact information.

Hook : Dry fly; #14 – #16
Thread : Lt. Cahill; 8/0
Egg Sac : Red zelon
Body : Yellow Sally dubbing
Wing : X Caddis deer hair; dyed Yellow Sally
Legs : Yellow barred centipede legs

John Lazar

Fly tied by John Lazar