Fran Betters was well known for flies that he invented for use on the Ausable River in upstate NY. Some of his famous flies are the Usual, Ausable Wulff, and the Haystack. According to Mike Hogue of Badger Creek Fly Tying (, Fran had another fly that was very successful but not as well known called Better’s Other Fly. On his website Mike relays a story of using this fly and catching 30 trout in a single outing. The success of this fly might be the combination of materials that can cover many different species of insects.

Hook – Dry Fly #12-16
Thread – Lt. cahill 8/0
Post – Cream Antron ( Tan Congo Hair used in photo)
Tail – Woodchuck guard hair
Body – Golden Australian opossum fur
Hackle – Barred Variant or lt cree or grizzly dun tied parachute style

John Lazar

Fly tied by John Lazar