This is another Gary Lafontaine pattern called the EZ2C caddis. A lot of Gary’s patterns use light or bright colored materials to make the fly visible to the angler as well as the fish.. Begin tying this pattern by dubbing a body from the bend of the hook to a point slightly more than a third of the hook shank, Tie in a wing of fine deer or elk hair, Cover the butts of the hair with more dubbing to a point just past the half way mark of the hook shank. Tie in a cleaned and stacked wing of yellow calf hair equal to the tips of the elk hair, put a final wrap of thread between the deer or elk hair and the calf tail to keep them separate. Cover the butts of the calf tail and tie in a brown and grizzly hackle and wrap up to the hook eye, whip finish and put a drop of head cement to finish the fly.

Hook – Dry fly #12-16
Thread -Olive or tan 8/0
Body – Olive or tan dubbing
Underwing – Fine elk or deer hair
Overwing – Yellow calf tail
Hackle – Brown and Grizzly mixed

John Lazar

Fly tied by John Lazar