This pattern was developed by Goren Grubich of Serbia. This can best be called an attractor caddis fly pattern. Begin by tying in some silver widow’s web as a shuck at the bend of the hook. Next dub a body of amber Prism SLF Dubbing to the half way point of the hook shank. Tie in a wing of fine elk or deer hair extending to the end of the shuck. Next dub a fuller front half of the body with Prism SLF peacock dubbing. Finally tie in another wing of elk or deer hair equal in length to the first hair wing. Finish off the front by clipping the ends of the hair to form a head. Put head cement on the thread wraps.

Hook – Tiemco 102Y Dry fly hook # 13-17
Thread- Light Olive 8/0
Shuck – Silver Widow’s Web
Body rear – Amber Prism SLF Dubbing
Body front – Peacock Prism SLF dubbing
Wing – Fine elk or deer hair

John Lazar

Fly tied by John Lazar