Bob Wyatt in his book What Trout Want introduces us to the Deer Hair Emerger. Bob has fished this fly from his home waters of New Zealand to Montana with great success. It is a simple fly to tie with only a few materials needed. Begin by attaching the thread at the midpoint of the hook leaving a long end of thread to be used as ribbing. Dub and wrap the working thread from down the bend to the midpoint of the hook shank. Next spiral the tag thread as a rib and tie in the wing of deer hair emerger style with the butts showing. Stand up the wing and dub the thorax. Bob thinks the secret of this fly is its long and full thorax.

Hook – Tiemco #2488 or any scud style hook #12-16
Thread – Brown 6/0
Body – Olive hares ear dubbing
Rib – Tying thread
Wing – Deer Hair
Thorax – Brown hares ear dubbing

John Lazar

Fly Tied by John Lazar