This pattern is from Richard Ross. The Trout MRE is a Meal Ready to Eat for the trout. The way this pattern is tied it can be used as an emerger or a spinner pattern. Begin tying this fly by attaching the tail well into the bend of the hook, next tie in the stripped peacock herl for the body and wrap it up the shank to the 3/4 point. Cut a heavy bundle of snow shoe hair fur, split the bundle into two parts and realign it again with the tips of one bundle to the butts of the other bundle. Tie this bundle on top of the hook at the 3/4 point with a few wraps of thread, then on top tie in a stand of poly-pro yarn. Tie in the entire bundle spinner wing style and make a helicopter wrap of thread under the bundle. Pull down only the snow shoe hair and cut it even with the hook point, then trim the poly-pro to the length of the snow shoe hair. Finally tie the thorax by dubbing around the wing figure eight style.

Hook – Tiemco #2488 or any scud hook sizes #12-18
Thread – Tan 8/0
Tail – Wood duck fibers
Body – Stripped peacock
Wing – Snow shoe rabbit foot hair
Sighter – White poly pro
Thorax – Tan hares ear or spiky squirrel dubbing

John Lazar

Fly tied by John Lazar