Cul-de-Cunnard commonly called CDC is a feather obtained from the area of a duck’s preen gland. The cdc feathers are coated with preen gland oil and that makes the feather of great value to fly tiers. The feathers look like they would be of little value because they would absorb water and sink the fly; but the opposite is true. Cdc feathers allow flies to float like a cork. The best cdc feathers I have found are obtained from Trouthunter ( ) in Last Chance Idaho, they are of superior quality and allow the tier to get a good floating fly usually using only 2 or 3 feathers. This pattern is an emerging pattern for the BWO that are a common hatch in our area. The fly is tied on a scud type hook that allows the body of the fly to float in the film while the cdc wing is visible to the angler.

Hook – Tiemco 2488; #14-18
Thread -Olive 8/0
Wing-Dun cdc feathers (2 – 4) tied in cripple style
Tail – Mayfly brown zelon
Body – Olive turkey biot
Thorax – Olive dubbing

John Lazar

Fly tied by John Lazar