When fishing many local streams and rivers I’ve had good luck when the blue winged olive hatch comes on. At times the fish can become selective during a BWO hatch and you might have to try several styles of flies to see which stage the trout prefer. On occasion the fish like to key in on the cripples, this is when the last chance cripple pattern just might be the answer. Again if a low floating fly is needed trim a v notch in the hackle. Harrop’s dubbing may be obtained from Trouthunter of Last Chance Idaho. (http://www.shop.trouthunt.com/)

Hook – Dry fly #14-20
Thread – Olive 8/0
Tail -Wood duck fibers topped with Harrop’s BWO dubbing filaments
Body – BWO turkey biot
Thorax – Harrop’s BWO dubbing
Wing- 2or 3 dun cdc feathers tied cripple style
Hackle – Dun Grizzly

John Lazar

Fly tied by John Lazar