If you’ve ever visited the Henry’s Fork of the Snake River, especially the Harriman Ranch section, you discovered what technical fishing can be. I’ve tried my hand there several times with fellow TU members Al Bowers and Paul Kurinec. Fishing the Henry’s Fork, which has been called the world’s largest spring creek, is truly an education when pursuing the big rainbow trout that reside there. Rene Harrop, who considers this his home water, has come up with several innovative patterns for its tough fishing. I believe his Last Chance Cripple patterns can also be used to match several hatches on our local streams and rivers. This pattern is tied for the many rust dun flies that emerge on our waters.

Hook – Dry fly #12-18
Thread – Rusty brown 8/0
Tail – Wood duck fibers; topped with Harrop’s rust brown dubbing filaments
Body – Rust brown turkey biot
Thorax – Harrop’s Rusty brown dubbing
Wing – 2 or 3 dun cdc feathers tied cripple style
Hackle – Dun grizzly

If you need a more flush floating pattern, cut a v notch in the hackle.

Dubbing used can be obtained from Trouthunter (www.shop.trouthunt.com)