Hans van Klinken of Holland has invented one of the most deadly dry fly emerging patterns that you could use. Hans originally developed this fly for grayling fishing but soon discovered how well it worked on trout. The secret of this fly, I believe, is the unusual shape of the hook used. The design of this hook allows the body to remain below the surface while the front portion sits above the surface enabling the angler to see the post. This fly works well on smooth surface waters, but can be used in faster water by tying a fuller post and extra turns of hackle. Use good quality hackle, slightly oversized.

Hook – Diiachi 1160 @ 16 -18
Thread – lt. olive 8/0
Post – White poly pro
Body – PMD dubbing
Thorax – Peacock herl (2 or 3 strands)
Hackle – lt. dun or cream

John Lazar

Fly tied by John Lazar