When fishing many streams in the Poconos and NE PA you’ll run into a hatch of black caddis. In the early season a hatch of Chimara caddis, usually in size #18, can really turn the fish on to surface feeding. From the end of May on if you watch the water you should notice hatch of black caddis flying low over the water. Another good place to see black caddis is along the shoreline, many times the trout move in to feed on them. Many times egg laying black caddis can trigger a feeding frenzy.

Hook – Dry fly #16 – 18
Thread – Black
Body – Black dubbing
Wing – Black hen hackle; burn using caddis wing burner tool, tie flat over the back of the fly.
Leave hackle stems to represent antenna.
Hackle – Black

If you’re tying an egg laying caddis tie in a bright green egg sack.

John Lazar

Fly tied by John Lazar