This is another Klinkhammer pattern that I’ve had good luck with. I will start using this fly when the sulfurs and cahills begin emerging. Most Klinkhammer patterns call for the use of peacock herl for the thorax of the fly; but for this fly I do not use peacock. I believe the success of this fly is the color combination of orange for the body and yellow for the thorax. This fly really seems to work on rainbows and palominos. As with all Klinkhammer flies, the body should be tied well down the bend of the hook.

Hook – Diiachi 1160 #14 – 18
Thread – lt. cahill
Post – White poly pro
Body – Orange dubbing
Thorax – Yellow dubbing
Hackle – Grizzly hackle tied parachute style

John Lazar

Fly tied by John Lazar