Randall Kauffman’s Stimulator is one of the most versatile flies in use. It is both an excellent attractor and imitator. When searching rough water it is well known for its ability to draw trout from the depths. As an imitator it can be used for stoneflies, grasshoppers or even in smaller sizes as caddis. It is tied in many variations as to color. The Lacky Stimulator that was featured as a previous Fly of the Month is basically just a Stimulator tied with a yellow body to imitate the stoneflies that hatch on the Lackawaxen. The pattern that I list in the recipe is the one most often encounter commercially. The photo is one of John Lazar’s variations.

Hook : Tiemco 200R, #6 – #16
Tail : Elk hair
Rib : Brown or furnace hackle (undersized)
Fine gold or copper wire (counter wound)
Abdomen : Yellow dubbing
Wing : Elk hair
Thorax : Orange dubbing w/ grizzly palmered hackle

Alan Bowers

Fly tied by John Lazar