Back in April 2010 the FOM was the Purple Haze. The pattern illustrated was different than the original version created by Andy Carlson, the major difference was the use of purple dubbing for the body and a Krystal flash rib. The pattern worked well on the Lacky and other local streams and also worked well on streams in the West. This year I decided to expand the purple haze fly into a series of flies I call the Haze Family. The first fly is the pink haze. Al Bowers mentioned in his last couple or trips out West that pink flies seemed to be the hot fly.

Hook – Dry fly #14-#16
Thread – Lt. Cahill, 8/0
Tail – Fine elk or deer hair
Body – Pink dubbing (I use pink dubbing from Fly Tyers Dungeon)
Rib – Pearl Krystal Flash
Post – White calf hair
Hackle – Lt. Ginger & Lt. Grizzly mixed tied parachute style

John Lazar

Fly tied by John Lazar