Walter Wiese is head guide at Park’s Fly Shop in Gardiner, MT located on the Yellowstone River at the North entrance of Yellowstone Park. As such Walter has the opportunity to use many patterns over the course of the fishing season. He began to find success with Gary Lafontaine’s Double Wing attractor flies, particularly the peacock bodies ties. The original Double Wings can be difficult and time consuming to tie so Walter developed this version using predominately synthetic materials. It proved just as effective and easier to produce in the numbers necessary for a busy western fishing guide.

Walter has published a very good pattern book that shows how to tie this fly. It can be purchased by contacting Park’s Fly Shop at or by calling (406) 848-7314. I will be featuring some more of Walter’s patterns in the future.

Hook : Standard dry fly, #8-12
Thread : Fluorescent fire orange for the tail and tag and dark brown for the remainder.
Tail : Caddis amber zelon
Tag : Fire orange thread coated with head cement
Rear Wing : Dark brown Widow’s Web
Body : 3-5 strands of peacock herl
Body Hackle : Golden dyed grizzly hackle – trimmed top and bottom
Front Wing : White Widow’s web
Front Hackle : Brown dyed grizzly – trimmed on the bottom

Alan Bowers

Fly from Park’s Fly Shop