One day, while fishing the Lackie with fellow TU members Paul Kurinec and Bob Dunstan, Al Bowers came up to fish with us. Al’s only problem was he forgot his waders. I’ve had the misfortune of doing this myself, it sure is the quickest way to ruin a day of fishing. Al decided to come down sit on the bank and shoot the bull while Bob was fishing a pool. Al then noticed a fish working in an eddy on his side of the stream, right near where he was sitting. Al then went up to his truck, rigged up his rod and tied on a March Brown DOA (Dead On Arrival). He came back down, watched for the fish to rise, and threw the fly to it. It took! Then the fight was on, Al couldn’t get in the water to fight the fish and the fish wanted to get downstream in the worst way. After a struggle, Al finally managed to keep the fish close and Bob was able to wade over near Al and net the fish. It was a 22″ brown, not a bad fish to get when you’re fishing from shore! I have since used this pattern when the March Browns are on the water and it has produced many a fine trout.

Hook : Dry fly sizes, #10 & #12
Thread : Orange
Wing : High Viz or Antron – Dun color tied over the eye at a 45 degree angle
Shuck : Amber or Light Brown Zelon
Body : Fly Rite Dubbing – #30, March Brown
Hackle : Brown and Grizzly mixed – cut on the bottom even with the hook point.
John Lazar

Fly tied By Al Bowers