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Fly of the Month

May  2012

                                                                   DOWNWING  HARE'S  EAR


A pattern that I've found useful on the Lackawaxen is one I call the Downwing Hare's Ear.  This fly, which is similar to a Deer Hair Caddis, can be used to imitate a specific caddis on the water or as a general searching pattern.  If the fish are taking spent caddis the fly can be made deadly by trimming the hackle off the bottom and fishing it flush in the film.  I tie this fly in three different color combinations which will cover most hatches encountered.  When tying on the wing, the tips of the deer hair should extend slightly past the bend of the hook.  Be sure to leave enough room in front of the wing for the hackle.


             DARK                                                 LIGHT                                    OLIVE


Hook : Dry fly,  #14-#18                             Same as dark                            Same as dark

Body : Natural hare's ear                             Bleached hare's ear                   Olive dyed hare's ear

Wing : Dark deer hair                                  Light deer hair                          Deer hair dyed dark dun

Hackle : Brown and grizzly                         Light ginger and cream            Dark dun and grizzly




Alan Bowers


Fly tied by Alan Bowers






Fly of the Month Archive

Fly of the Month Archive