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Pike - Wayne Chapter #462

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Fly of the Month

July 2009



The Dorato is an excellent searching pattern.  This fly, in #16 or #18 is one you should try under no hatch conditions.  First developed by Bill Dorato of Albany NY to fish caddis hatches on the Battenkill River, it can also be used with success during many mayfly hatches.  The Olive Dorato has proven itself when BWO’s are on the Delaware.  Fish have been taken with this fly while ignoring the more standard imitations.  When tying this pattern the tail is tied slightly thicker and about ½ the length of a standard style.  The wing is tied upright in a single clump, not split.  The body should be dubbed very rough with plenty of guard hairs sticking out.



                     Dorato                                     Olive Dorato

Hook  ;      Dry fly;  #12 - #20                        Same

Tail  :         Grizzly & Brown                           Grizzly & Dk Dun

Wing  :      Wood Duck                                   Same

Body  :       Natural Hare’s ear                      Olive Hare’s ear                      

Hackle  :    Grizzly & Brown                          Grizzly & Dk Dun




Al Bowers

Fly tied by John Lazar