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Pike - Wayne Chapter #462

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Trout Unlimited Camp David Kelly


(The following are excerpts from David Kelly's speech to Pike-Wayne TU which sponsored David to a week at Rivers Conservation and Fly-Fishing camp this year.)


This beautiful camp is a beneficial, valuable and once-in-a-lifetime experience for anyone, whether you have fly-fished for years or if it your first time on the stream. I have learned an extensive amount of information on conservation and the art of fly-fishing while having a spectacular week simultaneously. Not only do you learn, you also make lifelong friends, create memories and have a good time. I am grateful I had the opportunity to attend a quality conservation camp thanks to the Pike-Wayne Trout Unlimited Chapter.


I had the honor to attend the first organized Rivers Conservation and Fly-Fishing and Conservation camp in the nation, located at Boiling Springs, PA…


…Fly tying was a great morning session where we first visually learned how to tie a fly, and then we did our own flies with camp materials.


....Nothing would have been possible if it wasn't for the wonderful staff who worked together to create a phenomenal week. I had no idea how to use a fly rod the first day and a gentleman assisted me with casting and proper form. I quickly developed my skills afterwards. There were two young staff members who were attending college and they helped me out as well.


... My favorite person helping on the river was a man by the name of Mr. Bob Moyer. Mr. Bob had taught me how to tie my line, how to locate the fish in he stream, improve on my casting, and many more educational experiences. My favorites were the “Wooly Bugger” and the “Terrestrial Ant”. I caught several fish with the ant I tied myself.


...As much knowledge as I came home with, I was glad to spread it to the cub scouts as well. I taught fishing at Camp Acahela while covering conservation and taught fly-fishing as well. The younger children loved the fishing program and I was pleased to be able to fly-fish, teach and use my skill outside of the camp.


In conclusion, Rivers Conservation Fly-Fishing Youth Camp was one of the best weeks in my entire life and will be an experience I will remember for a lifetime. I hold the camp close to my heart because it had completely changed my outlook on fishing and the outdoors. I end by thanking anyone who contributes to providing such a wonderful week to the youth of America.