Guardians of the Lackawaxen
By Jim Furno

One of the more active Conservation groups in Pike and Wayne counties is the Pike-Wayne Trout Unlimited Club. This group is not merely a band of trout fishermen interested only in protecting trout. Pike-Wayne’s members see themselves as guardians of the area’s cold water resources. A band of hardy souls from the chapter spent several hours under the hot Sun (yes it was hot that day, April 26, 2009) engrossed in river bank erosion abatement.

Trudging along the lower Lackawaxen River, which is Pike-Wayne TU’s home water, the group planted as many as 475 tree seedlings. The project was an attempt by Pike-Wayne TU to develop ground cover along the river bank. These plants will hold the soil as they grow. They will also provide cover for the creatures of the Lackawaxen.

The varieties of seedlings planted were; Black Locust; Redpine; Blue Spruce; Elderberry Red and Common; Nannyberry; Arrowwood; Vibernium; and Red Twig Dogwood. All of these seedlings had to be planted by hard, manual labor.

Additionally the group spread out a 50 foot by 10 foot plastic sheet to kill the invasive plant known as Japanese Knotweed. This unwelcome visitor grows along many Pennsylvania rivers and streams. It displaces the native plants and grows profusely. Its roots are shallow so Knotweed provides little or no benefit to the environment. The plastic sheet super heats the ground and knotweed cannot endure the temperature created by the plastic.

John Hart, President of Pike-Wayne chapter of Trout Unlimited, obtained the plants and materials with club funds.

Gathering Materials

Superheating Knotweed

Break Time!

Hard Labor

Planting the Bank

Pike/Wayne Trout Unlimited Supports the Trout in the Classroom Program in Schools in Pike and Wayne Counties.

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