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Conserving, protecting and restoring North America’s cold water fisheries and their watersheds

Fly of the Month

September  2011

Cinberg Dry


Devised by the late Dr. Bernard Cinberg in the 1930’s and later popularized by Fontinalis Flyfisherman charter member Phil Chase, this unique fly remains a favorite in the “Gorge” area of the Neversink River.  It is particularly effective fished in pocket water on a short line.  

Properly tying on the wood duck hackle is the trick to this pattern.   Start by attaching the wood duck about 2 mm behind the eye.  Roll the fibers so that they completely encircle the hook shank.  The length of the fibers extending forward should be 15-17mm.  Leaving the wood duck as is, completeas normal including winding the hackle 6 or 7 turns, in the traditional manner.  Move the thread to the head position being careful not to bind down any wood duck kfibers in the process.   Force the wood duck back into an upright position against the brown hackle with your fingers.  Secure in position by forming a head with the tying thread.


Hook  --  Mustad 94840, #14

Thread – Tan

Body  --  Fox Belly Fur

Wing  --  Brown and Wood Duck Mix

Tail  --  Wood Duck and Brown hackle mix


Alan Bowers



Cinberg Dry

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