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Conserving, protecting and restoring North America’s cold water fisheries and their watersheds

Fly of the Month

December 2014



                                                          CHARTREUSE HAZE

The next fly in the haze series is a pattern I call the Chartreuse Haze. I have had success catching fish with flies that are tied with a chartreuse body, mostly caddis and attractor flies. So I figured if it works with caddis and attractors why not tie it as a parachute pattern. I think the body color will be a factor in having the fish take this fly.

Hook - Dry fly #14 - #18
Thread - Lt olive 8/0
Tail - Lt elk or deer hair
Body - Chartreuse dubbing
Rib - Peacock Krystal Flash
Post - White calf hair
Hackle - Brown and Grizzly mixed tied parachute style

John Lazar

Fly tied by John Lazar


Chartreuse Haze

Fly of the Month Archive

Fly of the Month Archive