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Fly of the Month

September 2015



 CDC Golden Stonefly


Starting about the third week of May until the middle of June the Golden Stonefly emerges on larger waters in our area.  One of the patterns I use is the CDC Golden Stonefly.  This pattern is fairly simple to tie and since it uses CDC feathers it floats like a cork. The golden stonefly is a large fly so use a size #10 or a size #10 2XL hook.  To tie the fly insert the hook in your vise and attach the thread and wrap back to the bend of the hook.   Depending on the quality of the CDC feathers,  take 2 or 3 feathers and bind them to the hook.  Make this "tail" short about half the length of the hook shank.  Trim the excess feather and using the tying thread make several wraps as a tag or egg sack.  Next dub a small amount of golden stonefly dubbing, then tie in 3 or 4 CDC feathers so they extend to the end of the tail of the previous tail clump.  Trim the feathers and dub over the tie-in point and slightly past, then continue alternating CDC feathers and dubbing until you get near the eye of the hook.  Tie in a cree or barred ginger hackle and make a full collar, tie off and whip finish.  I have found the best CDC feathers come from Trouthunter Fly Shop (www.trouthunterproducts.com) or Blue Ribbon Flies (www.blue-ribbon-flies.com).

Hook - Dry fly  Size #10 or #10 2xl

Thread - Lt Cahill 8/0

Tail - Tan or lt brown CDC feather

Tag - Tying thread

Body - Haretron Dubbing Golden Stone

Wing - Tan or lt brown CDC feather

Hackle - Cree or Barred Ginger Hackle   




John Lazar




Fly tied by John Lazar



CDC Golden Stone

Fly of the Month Archive

Fly of the Month Archive