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Fly of the Month

November  2011


CDC Caddis 


Although I have not fished this Rene Harrop pattern, its buggy appearance and the animation supplied by the CDC feathers should make it effective.  To tie, dub the body and tie the zelon in downwing style extending just beyond the bend of the hook.  Match 2 CDC feathers and tie them over the zelon.  Their length should be slightly longer than the underwing.  Let the butts of the feathers extend over the eye of the hook.  Dub in the thorax a little thicker than the body.   To form the legs pull the CDC buts back until they are perpendicular to the hook shank.   Secure them in place by forming a head directly in front of the stems.  Trim the butts off so that they stick out a short distance from the hook.  Match the wing and thorax and body color to the natural.


Hook  --  Mustad 94840, #12-#20

Body  --  Flyrite or other Synthetic dubbing

Underwing – Zelon(sparse)

Wing  --  2 CDC feathers

Thorax – Same as body

Leggs – Butts of CDC Feathers (note the profile of the legs from the 2nd picture taken from below the fly)




Alan Bowers

Fly tied by Alan Bowers


CDC Caddis

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