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Pike - Wayne Chapter #462

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Fly of the Month

December 2009

Bowers Hendrickson - Parachute


One day during the Hendrickson Hatch I was fishing the upper end of Pohopoco Creek and ran into a tremendous emergence of the fly. I tried every Hendrickson pattern I normally carry- Comparaduns, Traditional, Thorax - nothing worked. In a far corner of my chestbox I found some flies tied by Al Bowers. Being desperate, I put one on and to my surprise started to catch fish, one after another. To test if it was the fly or a change in attitude of the fish I cut it off and retried the other patterns. I caught no fish until I switched back to what I now call the Bowers Hendrickson. I immediately started to catch fish again. Even though (or because of ??) the pattern is tied with Lt. ginger instead of the standard dun hackle; it works!! Tie some up and give them a try.



Hook : #12, Dry fly

Thread : Lt. Yellow

Post : Dun Hi-Viz

Tail : Lt ginger hackle fibers

Body : Fly Rite #27 - Hendrickson

Hackle : Lt. Ginger - parachute



John Lazar

Fly tied by John Lazar

Bowers Hendrickson  Parachute